19 May 2008

Oregon Trail

After countless blogs about feeling trapped in the sunshine state, I'm finally making my move! I'm embarking on the classic 'American Adventure', to go out west in search of a better life. Really, it's not even a better life that I'm seeking, but rather a fresh one. Florida tastes stale.

We have a couple months without weddings, and it's the same couple months after our lease expires. If that's not a bright sign from the stars aligning, I don't know what is. And, the stars seem to point northwest.

Portland still seems a bit like a random choice, but what's wrong with random? It's the one place that seems to combine my need for a city life with great public transportation, and Matt's needs for mountains. The Incredible food, beautiful parks, microbreweries, and hippy-artsy culture works in favor for both of us. Now that we've made our decision the hard part is waiting; we're READY TO GO!

13 May 2008


My name is Samantha Yeakle. That's right, Jason Mraz's girlfriend. Yes, our non-fictional relationship came together quite easily when he spotted me on the streets of New York last March and said, "I love your style." I knew immediately he had class. I let him take me home in his pocket that evening. A guy with a home style haircut like that you simply can't let get away.

Since then we've nestled together at his home, a 20,000 acre ranch outside of Barcelona where we raise soy chickens and other non-animal based meat products for all the musicians and models that come and visit us between busy shows and shoots. It’s a tough job for Jason, being both a farmer and a sugar daddy to so many underfed lingerie victims, but I photograph the models when he's not busy hand feeding them personally, and we really do make a pretty good team.

This weekend we’re triple dating with Angelina Jolie and Edward Norton in an effort to reconnect Brad Pitt with Jennifer and adopt us along the way. It’s going to be a busy weekend. But not to worry, Fiona Apple and David Blaine are babysitting the soy chickens. They have the year off."

It's an old post in honor of the fabulousness that is the new J Mraz album- We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. (I steal this blog post) If you want to be floored by musical bliss, this is where to find it. He's fresh, he's funky, and he makes me happy. Maybe too happy, as this song didn't make it on the album which I was really looking forward to a full version of. Oh well, enjoy the bit we were given. :)