24 September 2008

outside my door is great

Smatt got out of the city and deep into the great outdoors over the weekend. While the plan was to summit South Sister and see the glacier resting up top, the weather dictated otherwise. So, we hiked into an old growth forest and to see waterfalls and an old mining camp called "Jawbone" instead!

While Portland incorporates nature as much as any metro area ever could, it was still really neat to see Oregon's flora and fauna outside city limits. Luckily, EJ loaned me a waterproof jacket for our rainy walk. I learned that just because it's "hardly sprinkling" doesn't mean you won't eventually find yourself soaking wet. This was a sound lesson if I plan to become a 'pacific northwesterner' full-time in the future.

(I plan to become a pacific northwesterner)

16 September 2008

California is a great place to live if you're an orange

I was in LA when Marvin Gaye died. At least, that's what my mom told me. Seeing as I was only a year old, I don't remember anything about the famous block of land stretching down our west coast. All I had was hear-say, and the mental picture I conjured up over the years seemed to prove (as usual) quite a bit different from reality.

My reality is only what I know, and what I know is FL and OR. So, to me; Northern California is like putting Florida and Oregon in a mixing bowl.

Similar to Portland, OR: There are hills and mountain, there is a "green movement", much cooler weather, much better local produce, and simply that fresh west coast vibe that keeps people moving forward.

Similar to WPB, Florida: There is a lot of urban sprawl, with a lot of really rich people...so, things cost quite a bit more and they spend the money buying weird things like expensive cars...

My mom's boyfriend John did a great job of showing us as much as we could possibly take in for one weekend. From great views down trails, beaches, a farmer's market, San Fran, his home town, wonderful meals, and more. In an attempt to capture it all between the glass of our camera lenses we took a bunch of photos.

We had a great time and look forward to getting to know California better in the future. :) Until then, we have these photos to remember it by.


08 September 2008

Le Parc

I think Matt has a new addiction, and it's not a cheap one.

Yesterday on Matt's day off, we went to the park with a spread of incredible, edible snacks. The meats, cheese, olives, and a few grapes we brought with us were thanks to our favorite local markets.

Among the mix was the 'jamon imberico' from Spain Matt has been itching to try. At a whopping $95 per lb. we could only afford a few slices of the cured wild pig leg but, it was worth our hard earned dough. Matt says he has a new love. And soon he'll be saying such things in french.

Smatt is learning to speak french. For an hour each day, we have french lessons and then spend the rest of the day trying to implement what we've learned. The system we're using is very different from the french class I took in college. Rather then also worrying about how to write it and read it, we're simply learning to speak it. And rather then start with colors and numbers, we've started with phrases we will actually use such as "Where would you like to go to dinner tonight?"

So, after our lavish lunch, we laid in the grass and spoke french to the tree tops looming above us. Having our lessons on an iPod is far more convenient then lugging around textbooks anyway. We're having fun with it, to say the least.

02 September 2008


Labor day brought us to yet another near-by park. Matt and I played some more wiffleball and ate more food over the long weekend with his kitchen crew again. I brought along the camera and we snapped a few photos.

Here we are our way down to the Lucky Lab afterwards.
We competitively rolled this tire down Quimby.

Portland is still super awesome and Matt is still super cute. :)