14 January 2008

power animal

"Eyes closed, we imagined our pain as a ball of white healing light floating around our feet and rising to our knees, our waist, our chest. Our chakras opening. The heart chakra. The head chakra. Chloe talked us into caves where we meet our power animal."

Mine is a shark.

The graceful king of the ocean, boasting an extra two senses beyond our five. And, how many animals have been so barely touched by evolution? Not many have been designed so flawlessly. The shark is a symbol of strength, grace, and beauty all the while misunderstood, thus feared.

Today, I got up close and personal with a quite a few powerful animals at Mote Marine in Sarasota. The laboratory also introduced me to other stupendous sea creatures such as this friendly turtle:

In an attempt to better understand the dangers facing our ocean friends, Matt and I got into character in a shrimp net.

And, I also almost went swimming...

It was fun to sea all my favorite animals. If you ever find yourself in Sarasota, I strongly suggest a visit.
Oh, and the quote at the top... Chuck Palahniuk from "Fight Club". If you ever find yourself in a book store, I strongly suggest that too.

08 January 2008

running theme each year

January brings out the motivated, to-do listing, goal-oriented life-planner in all of us. We promise ourselves that this year will not only be different but, be Better. And I dig that vibe only a new year can bring.

Getting out of Florida has been a running theme each year but in '08 I've got a new escape plan. Instead of planing to MOVE I'm planing to travel. And this year I'm going to renew my sanity on a mountain ridge nearly 8,000 feet above sea level in Peru. Yes, I'm hiking to Machu Picchu.

I remember seeing the "Lost City of the Incas" on television last year and feeling like it was the first time I ever really saw it for what it was. One of the, if not The, most beautiful places on the planet. I told Matt we had to go. Then we found out the only way to get there is by train. A very expensive train. My dream of photographing Machu Picchu died as quickly as it'd been born.

Then last week after a game of Aquire by the fire a friend told me about her plans to hike up from Cusco. I was floored. I never thought to simply WALK there! How brilliant! I told her I was IN with such conviction it gave me goose-bumps. I hadn't meant anything so seriously all year. Since, we've started a new running routine: minimum of two 5ks per week. (The 4 day hike will surely be easier if we're in shape)

This is my 2007 running in visual review. Notice the magical motivational power of January.

I don't want to spend the year running after the expectations of January. 2008 feels too fresh for that nonsense. Instead, I plan to let the Incans be my magical motivational power this year.