08 January 2008

running theme each year

January brings out the motivated, to-do listing, goal-oriented life-planner in all of us. We promise ourselves that this year will not only be different but, be Better. And I dig that vibe only a new year can bring.

Getting out of Florida has been a running theme each year but in '08 I've got a new escape plan. Instead of planing to MOVE I'm planing to travel. And this year I'm going to renew my sanity on a mountain ridge nearly 8,000 feet above sea level in Peru. Yes, I'm hiking to Machu Picchu.

I remember seeing the "Lost City of the Incas" on television last year and feeling like it was the first time I ever really saw it for what it was. One of the, if not The, most beautiful places on the planet. I told Matt we had to go. Then we found out the only way to get there is by train. A very expensive train. My dream of photographing Machu Picchu died as quickly as it'd been born.

Then last week after a game of Aquire by the fire a friend told me about her plans to hike up from Cusco. I was floored. I never thought to simply WALK there! How brilliant! I told her I was IN with such conviction it gave me goose-bumps. I hadn't meant anything so seriously all year. Since, we've started a new running routine: minimum of two 5ks per week. (The 4 day hike will surely be easier if we're in shape)

This is my 2007 running in visual review. Notice the magical motivational power of January.

I don't want to spend the year running after the expectations of January. 2008 feels too fresh for that nonsense. Instead, I plan to let the Incans be my magical motivational power this year.


Chet said...

Awesome ideas... and glad that you have a running partner as well. Good luck!

life-muses said...

Hi Sam,
Happy New Year. Saw your msg on my blog. I'm still waiting for it to arrive :)
~ karen