21 April 2008

Get me Out of Here & Into the Wild

I want to ski to the magic bus 142 in Alaska.
I want to hike to Machu Picchu at sunrise in Peru.
I want to swim with whale sharks in Mexico.
I want to order a chocolate croissant in French in Paris.
I want to go to an art show in San Diego.

I will never do these things if I never leave this place.

I want to walk the streets of Barcelona.
I want to take fashion photographs in New York City.
I want to dive with sharks in the Bahamas.
I want to see a concert in Washington.
I want learn to surf in Hawaii.

I didn't take these photos, credit out to those who did, but one day I hope to photograph all of these things for myself in my own right.

I seem to keep thinking I need money to get out of here,
but it's not true. I just need spirit. I need to believe.
I HAVE TO let go of the material things that hold me here,
because in the end, they mean nothing.
Why is that so hard to remember?

As I get older, and collect more, it only becomes harder.
If I don't go soon, I'm afraid I never will.
I want too much from my experience of life then to sit here and wait.
It's time I planned my great escape.

1 comment:

Chet said...

I would love nothing more than to be with you when you accomplish your goals. At the very least, I hope I can assist you in fulfilling your dreams. You deserve everything you desire, and then some...