24 September 2008

outside my door is great

Smatt got out of the city and deep into the great outdoors over the weekend. While the plan was to summit South Sister and see the glacier resting up top, the weather dictated otherwise. So, we hiked into an old growth forest and to see waterfalls and an old mining camp called "Jawbone" instead!

While Portland incorporates nature as much as any metro area ever could, it was still really neat to see Oregon's flora and fauna outside city limits. Luckily, EJ loaned me a waterproof jacket for our rainy walk. I learned that just because it's "hardly sprinkling" doesn't mean you won't eventually find yourself soaking wet. This was a sound lesson if I plan to become a 'pacific northwesterner' full-time in the future.

(I plan to become a pacific northwesterner)


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