08 November 2007


Matt's boss invented a big tunnel that pushes 150 MPH wind through it to simulate free fall. So, we got free vouchers to float around in one off I-drive! *two thumbs up*

I looked like a string bean in a potato sack, as my flight suit was three times my actual size so as to fit my actual height. This didn't bother me nearly as much as the smell I noticed climbing into the thick jumper, surely housing years of other fake jumpers sweat. While you only fly for two minutes it's quite the little work-out.

The ordeal takes about an hour between training, suiting up, and bumping into walls. The two one-minute flights are to simulate a real jump from 14,000 feet, and the pros confirm the realism. I've never dove from high in the sky, but I'm assuming the way my face felt as if it might peal off my face to be strikingly similar to the real deal.

All in all, I'd say our sky adventure was a great success and I recommend an afternoon in this tourist trap to any and all of my friends. :)


Chet said...

Oh Sammi... I read it, and realized I was with you the whole time afterwards so I sort of knew it all already.

life-muses said...

Hi Sammi,

We have this sky adventure too in Malaysia, at one our our Highlands Resort ie. Genting Highlands. I've not tried it myself...not brave enuf.. :)