23 November 2007


The one nice day we had with the indians has been bringing american families together with gluttony ever since. I got to join in the festivities of a visit home for the past couple days. I also got to eat my fair share.
One thing I didn't do was join the mob crawling the streets of Abacoa. I've seen the benjamites spend their benjamins in previous years. Instead I opted to lounge at rum bar, play shuffle board at the snug, and catch up with friends I rarely get to see.

Sada, Tam, and my mysterious male model let me experiment with matt's polarizing filter on the beach.

and my delightful dog got a bubble bath.

All in all, I'm thankful this thanksgiving. Thankful for my incredible family. I'm thankful I got to grow up in such a beautiful place and more thankful that I don't live here anymore. I'm thankful that my life is going in the direction I want to take it. I'm thankful that I have choices, freedom, and a lot of lovely people to love.

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Chet said...

I love this post! Your pictures came out AMAZING! Your friends are hot, but you certainly know how to bring out the best in them! Also, I am glad you had a nice time at home.