16 December 2007

to the North Pole

Seeing as christmas is drawing near it seemed only natural my family take a trip to the North Pole. This year, we even brought the dog along. I haven't partaken in the purchasing/decorating of the Christmas Tree in years so I was happy to take an active role.

I brought along my camera to wander under the tents protecting both the sweet smelling trees and sweaty smelling floridians alike. (Some of us may have forgotten deodorant today) I wish I brought my camera around with me more often. New Years resolution, maybe?

We got the new LED christmas lights that rock up to 88% less energy then the classic variety. They also keep cooler, which I'm quite sure the tree is thankful for.

The new lights light up the tree in a whole new way. I'm feeling pretty lightened up too. I dig the christmas spirit; glad I came home for the weekend.

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Chet said...

The tree looks great, and the lights are really neat. And yes, you should ALWAYS have your camera.
"A photographer eats with their camera, a photographer sleeps with their camera..."