05 November 2008

Yes, we can.

We're all familiar with the endings of dramatic movies.
A sea of awe-struck people, tears brimming in their eyes,
grinning ear to ear as they listen carefully to a leader.
The words of a powerful man spreading words of hope.

And as the lights come up, and the volume turns down,
we all experience that time-warp moment where we snap back into reality.
Back into the "real world" where we have to let go of the fantasy.
But tonight, there wasn't any sliding back because it was real.
Tonight, Barack Obama received a landslide of love from us all.
This night marks the beginning of a journey for our country to again become something positive; something to be proud of and grow with.

I have never been more hopeful that I might find myself living in a place that I can understand. The prospect of living in a country free of the religious right's fear driven policies against women having the right over their own bodies, or gay couples being told how to live and love. The founding fathers built this country on beautiful ideals that have been vanishing over the years in sight of corporate greed and blood soaked war. Well, NO MORE!
We're getting this show back on the road.

"Democracy, opportunity, and unyielding hope!"
-Barack Obama.-