05 December 2007

Balance from Malaysia

My sunglasses hid tears as I checked the mail today. Matt and I were arguing on the phone as I flip-flopped back to our apartment. The buildings in our complex are being renovated; the 'whizz' and 'whee' construction noises interrupting my already flawed ability to listen. Between all the heat and noise I wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing. I assumed the package I was carrying was CD jewel cases I'd ordered.

It wasn't until I was home that I looked at the suddenly curious box. I hadn't ordered CD cases from Malaysia. THIS WAS MY FIRST SWAP PACKAGE! Months ago I'd found this blog, Gimme Your Stuff, and began talking to two people about exchanging cultural goodies via snail mail. My first swap had arrived. I decided it best to put the package aside until my emotional tornado passed. So, Matt came home: we talked, we hugged, we did all the things couples do when they realize how much they love each other, and how stupid they'd been to get so angry (It was a fight over DISHES after all!).

When my lovely love left for work I sat down with the box that had traveled around the world to see me. I carefully unwrapped the beaten up gift (its long travel has been a rough one) to find an assortment of wonderful goodies. Karen (life-muses) had put together a beautiful package and I couldn't be more thankful that it came on the day I needed it most. It was the perfect pick me up. :) Here is a photo of all the fabulous trinkets inside. I have a photo of the things I sent her as well, but don't want to post that until she gets MY package! (don't want to ruin any surprises!)

Thank you universe for being balanced & funny! And thank you Karen for putting a smile on my face all the way from Malaysia!

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life-muses said...

Hi Samantha,

Am glad you like the items and it arrives on a day that you need a 'pick-me-up' most.

Occasional arguments do happen in a relationship, so stay cool! :)

Hope that we can do another swap again and can't wait to receive yours.

Have a Blessed Christmas!!

Cheers!! ~ karen