09 December 2007


I love cheese. All cheese. White, yellow, blue... I don't discriminate.
Recently my main squeeze has been gouda. He's goud to me.
OK, the whole blog won't be a cheesy declaration to my love of cheese.
I'm really here to share some recent favorite photos
So, here we go: this is the last month or so of weddings in visual review:

I'm really enjoying wedding photography. People trust me to make art out of their reality, it's great.
But nothing beats photographing friends; they give me so much creative control I can create my OWN reality.
I prefer my photographs bend the truth, my friends don't seem to have a problem with that.
Here are two such friends, Busey & Laura

But, lately the biggest jump out of my comfort zone has been a dentist's portrait (for an upcoming magazine cover!)
I'm learning to pay more and more attention to the technical and to take my time when its offered.

I've also found in the last month I've shot manual full-time. I try to rock the aperture or shutter priority but always end up clicking back into M. I've really started to crave that control. I'm happy my camera gives it to me. I'm even more happy that my camera and I continue to grow together in a forward motion. Oh, and the cheddar it's been generating is nice too.


Laura said...


Chet said...

You are way too CHEESY!

sara said...

those wedding pix are so great! I wish i could do it all over again with out the hurricanes ruining it and have you be my photographer!!
Hey i always wanted a picture of me scott and bernadette outside our country home with scott holding a pitch fork.