04 January 2009

Day One.

January 3rd, 2009
166 miles.

Matt and I had packed the car up the night before but leaving day still felt like a whirlwind of urgent activities. All the bits and pieces were difficult to deal with but we finally bid my family good bye around 5pm. Saying good bye is never easy but knowing we'll be back so soon helps.

We arrived in Orlando around 7:30 and headed out to the Saturday night Jai Alai game. After a bit of interweb research, I found that this fast-paced sport is really a Florida thing to do so it seemed appropriate for our last night on the town in O-town. I keep my strategy simple when it comes to gambling: Know how much you want to spend to have a fun time before hand (I figured I would pay $15 or drinks and to see the games)

So, after purchasing my $2.50 draft beer I made a $2 quinella bet on the next game. While the boys were studying odds and paying close attention to players during practice, I chose to base my decisions solely on arbitrary things like colors that look pretty together and favorite numbers. I won $21 and then I won $36.
There's jumping and yelling; it's a very exciting game to watch! ;)

All in all, day one was a great success.

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