15 October 2007


When I first saw Sarah Green's art (Sarah Green Art.com)I assumed it was some fantastical, fabulous filter in photoshop. After another look and chatting with her briefly via MySpace, I learned it was in fact digital painting. So when I found a Wacom pen tablet on clearance today I scooped it up and ventured out on my own personal computer painting journey.

I chose a photo I'd taken of a poet over the summer named Tara for my first experiment because it looked like it would be simple. What I've come to learn is nothing about this funky pop process is simple but, it is a lot of fun! After a considerable portion of my evening, I produced this as my 1st finished piece:

I sure appreciate Sarah Green's paintings on a new level, and it's interesting to see how different her style is. Tonight I'm working on a self-portrait painting from the photo where I'm in my fish bowl. Here's a screen shot of as far as I've gotten, I'm hoping to finish tomorrow:

I want to start offering these types of digital paintings an add-on service to my photography packages! Think anyone will be interested? :/


Chet said...

I'm impressed. Not only is it very unique, I feel it will be a great add-on service for you as well. Keep it up! (I want the Sammi one when you are done!)

Chet said...