10 October 2007

felt animals and a wedding

Over the course of 77 delightful shuffle songs (for non-iPod users, this is approximately 5 hours) I managed to sew a small panda bear out of felt.
Yes, me : sewing.

This new development in skills might alter the nature my #9 of my 25 before 25 goals. So, after the creation of my very small panda I got carried away and set my sights on a larger ROBOTIC bear. He's called the mechani-panda:

All the B&W was taking it's toll on my psyche so a green lizard lifted my spirits and have since decided clothing my miniature critters a simple way to add more color. Here is a photo of the 3 little creations responsible for countless hours of my freetime over the past 3 days:

And, of course, I've also been shooting. :) Here are a couple shots from a british wedding yesterday. (I haven't even seen Matt's photos or updated my site, but I'm posting a blog!) I'm really enjoying wedding photography more and more, which is great as we've been booking more than ever! This group was really laid back and fun to spend the day with. :)

Thanks for reading my blog! :)


Chet said...

I love your little creatures.

life-muses said...

Hi Sammi,

Karen (aka life-muses). Your hand-sewing creation is good and such a cutey. Wish I had more time to start on this myself :)

Will contact u soon!

Sewing-Machine said...

Hey. Did you find a little book on how to make those? I believe that I have the same one. The Cute Book right? I made all the creatures in it, but I've never made the mechani-panda as well as you have. Good job!
If it still amuses you, try some of your own designs I now have over fifty!!! It's really fun!

Sewing-Machine said...
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