25 October 2007

wasting time on being grouchy.

I got upset with myself today. I feel like I'm wasting away. Here I am, early 20's, starting my own businesses but left with lots of free time. I finally finished school, as did my close friends that all seemed to disappear at once to far away places to claim as their new homes. I'm BORED.

My mom told me to get a part-time job, but I'm quite sure I would be just as depressed working a $7/hour job at the mall at 24 as I was at 15. Also, I don't want to commit to anything now as the wedding work will be rolling in full force so soon. It's this lull of down-time waiting for all I have planned that is driving me crazy. Matt is working seemingly every single day, and loving every minute of it. I'm jealous. I want a life too damnit! So obviously I need to get out of the apartment and do other things; the problem is What?
I'm not sure. But I have a few ideas:

Join the eco-canoeists on one of their weekly waterline clean-ups
take a portrait painting workshop at Creadle school of art
start dropping into yoga classes
spend a day helping build with habitat for humanity
focus on creating/completeing a body of art work outside of photography

Speaking of photography, I should post some recent photos.

This is Diana, a high school senior this year that found me via MySpace to take her senior portrait

A Quinceanera portrait for a very sweet girl in a very pretty dress named Vanessa

An ex-room mate turned newbie mommy, Leila and her daughter Kali

That's it for now... I'm sure I'll figure things out. So long as I keep moving things will work themselves out. I'm just being grouchy. :/


Chet said...

I agree with mommy... get a job. Sooner or later you'll need one. Why not start now? It'll drastically change your outlook on things. Oh and, Leopard on FRIDAY!

Sammi said...

sooner or later I'll NEED one? What does that mean? What is wrong w. my outlook? I've worked dead-end jobs, I have that perspective. I really don't agree with this comment. :)