01 October 2007

Tip of the hat to Japan

I shot a baby over the weekend. With a camera of course. It was my first baby. I actually hadn't seen a baby up close IRL in quite a while. I realized I don't know much about them. I expected it to cry a lot, maybe be afraid of the flashing, but nope. She just bobbled her head around and was extremely cute.

Modern Japanese culture respects the importance of cuteness. Kawaii. Everyone can use a little extra cuteness, so with that in mind I present baby photos. (I especially liked her itty bitty feet)

Also, I've decided blogging every day is too lofty a goal for a gal like me. I haven't been clocking so many clicks on the computer this week. Forced blogging will only make for a bland blog. Instead, I'll blog at my own pace. :)


Chet said...

I think you should party less and blog more! But I know how it goes, I couldn't keep up daily either.

Sammi said...

I've been busy working, being chased by geese in the rain, bowling, not just partying! :P