23 September 2007

Blog Without a Reader

Thoughts Without a Thinker; Blog Without a Reader.

I missed a few days of blogging while house-sitting in Windemere over the weekend, but I don't think anyone was too affected by the gap in internet time line. My one faithful reader 'John', the greatest giver of comment and compliment, may have noticed but has yet to say anything of the sort.

3 Highlights of my weekend in order or awesomeness are as follows:

Kayaking early this morning on Lake Butler. Beautiful, I wish I'd had a camera. The only non-awesome things about this was realizing how much of a wuss and how out of shape I am. I burnt a few layers of skin off my thumb just from paddling friction. It was worth it.

This is me in the backyard Friday night

Photo shooting is always a positive. This weekend's mini-shoot was particularly exciting because it is only the 1st stage of a big project, to be revealed in it's greatness at a later date. Oh, and extra-awesome points for my subject matter being Matt. :)

Matt of Smatt in Windemere

And the number 3 awesome thing about this weekend was the extra cash I scored from friendly tippers at Busey's Sausage Castle party. The hurricane/monsoon-like weather could blow down the tents, but couldn't stop this shin-dig. The bands set up in garage attached to the stage and made as much noise as they could until the cops shut it down.

That's all I have to share with you all at the moment. ;)


John said...

I noticed... I noticed right away. I didn't want to bug you. I just got back to Orlando, and I am back at work. I am glad to see you had a great weekend. You look great in that photo! (Okay, Matt doesn't look too shabby either!)

JohnChet said...

I fixed my display name!

JohnChet said...

Where are you? Two days behind...

Aleda said...

Interesting to know.