18 September 2007

25 things to do before I'm 25

1.) Buy bowling shoes
2.) Go on a ski vacation in Park City
3.) Strip & stain bedroom furniture
4.) Finish decorating the living room
5.) Make some attempt to work on my spanish
6.) Start a new sketchbook and use it
7.) Continue to blog nearly daily
8.) Book 10 more weddings
9.) Have my prototype bag sewn
10.) Learn 3 new songs on piano
11.) Post more how-to piano songs on youtube
12.) Go to the Epcot food & wine festival
13.) Put a substantial amount of money into my savings account
14.) Plan a trip to Europe
15.) Run 100 more miles with my Nike plus
16.) Try wake-boarding again
17.) Attend a wedding that I can enjoy/relax without being the photog.
18.) Paint more. A lot more.
19.) Become a better tennis player
20.) Get my car stereo fixed
21.) Figure out how to cook dinner for Matt one evening
22.) Learn more about how to use Photoshop
23.) Clean out my closet and donate a lot of clothing
24.) Find a way to get back into scuba diving
25.) Go on a road trip with Matt

1 comment:

John said...

I only had 7, and never set a timetable. Sort of modeled myself after the Bush administration! You're much more aggressive! I know you'll accomplish all of these and more, and I hope to witness you completing some of them.