14 September 2007

new travels to old places

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Matt of Smatt had a little vacation time so we decided to venture out of the greater Orlando area to visit parental units along the coast lines. Between the homes we call home we found ourselves in the town of Arcadia (right off the big dot in the middle of our phallic shaped state). We found a beautiful old opera house that has become a large antique store. Some of the old trinkets were quite interesting, but I don't feel the need to own relics of other's past pasts. Instead, we took some photos.

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I've come home feeling a bit more put together, maybe a result of the circular path of our travels. Maybe family just does that naturally. Regardless, I hope to travel more and have decided that rather then dreams of waking up in Barcelona every morning, I'll try to focus on making my way there for at least a few mornings a year.

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John said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like a great time...

Danny said...

Blog, smog, dog, or maybe bog, if there's nothing to blog about.
This is a good one though. I'm liken the images.
Even though I had a clog a "phallic state" LOLOLOLO!