16 September 2007

bowling for shoes

Bowling alleys are like casinos; there aren't any windows. It's another world, a world of oily lanes and french fries. A world that USED to be walked through on mismatched and colorful shoes.

I'm on a quest to become a better bowler. To help this dream transform into a reality I've been researching how best to invest in my bowling future. I've decided the first step is purchasing my own bowling shoes. There's just one problem: bowling shoes aren't cool anymore.

They look like white and bulky sneakers. Well, I call Bull Shit. They're ugly! And not in the ugly-cute kind of way a boxer or a pug is. They're ugly-Boring-ugly. Bowling shoes are supposed to be embarrassing to wear. And they should Never in no way, shape, or form match your real world clothing.

While I am on the search for colorful wonders for my feet I will continue to rent my 8.5s at the alley. eBay has become a destination of choice to search for my new old shoes. $2 Tuesdays have become part of the Smatt routine. We accept all company and we're even open to playing on other evenings. League anyone?

Matt performing the classic "Get a load of THIS girl!" move.


John said...


Still not Sammi enough but more than black and white...

Sammi said...

Thanks for trying to help. :) I know there are colorful shoes still, but they're boring to me... and most of them are white (yes, with splashes of other colors, but white) sneakers and for whatever reason, that pisses me off.