16 September 2007

Gimme Your Stuff!

I love packages. So, what's more fun then one filled with random surprises? Not much! I found this super-cool blog called Gimme Your Stuff where you trade trinkets with people all over the world, like a cultural exchange of sorts. I think it's a really fun idea and would love to try swapping with someone foreign! :)

Gimme Your Stuff

Stuff I can offer:
♦ seashells
♦ stationary/notebooks/stickers
♦ cute things; keyrings . . . trinkets . . . playing cards. . .
♦ Nearly anything 'Disney' themed as I'm in Orlando, FL
♦ american candy
♦ felt crafting patterns and materials/other crafts
♦ print of any of my photography that you like (www.SamanthaYeakle.com)
♦ books/magazines/postcards/maps or guides from FL
♦ mix CD of my favorite music
♦ Siesta Key sand (whitest and finest sand in the world!)
♦ anything else you'd like! :)

Stuff I would love to receive:
♦ anything local including unique spices, hot sauce, etc.
♦ stationary/stickers/notebooks
♦ anything cute w. animals (my favorites are sharks) but I also like owls and birds.
♦ mix CD of your favorite music
♦ jewelry (i love wooden beads)
♦ Bento box (kawaii maybe?) i love the color green!
♦ postcards. . . candy. . . random trinkets :)

If you're interested please leave me a comment! Thanks :)


life-muses said...


i'm life-muses from Malaysia. would you like to do a swap with me in Dec-07? We can do a Christmas theme swap if you like. You can check out my blog www.swapsgalore.blogspot.com or email me at karenoh.my@gmail.com if you're interested.


sanjana said...

sorry for the late reply, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (http://cluelessaddiction.com) i m interested in a swap with you, but i m already busy with another swap at the moment. will be able to swap with you in october. do mail me at sanjanaism@gmail.com and we will work out a swap.

thanks and take care,

Cori and JV said...

Hello! We are a couple from the Philippines and we are very much like to swap with you. Check our profile at http://arabeskimo.blogspot.com/ If there is any chance that you are interested, just keep us posted. You can also e-mail us at wastedcookie@yahoo.com Thanks :)

little nezumi said...

Hi Sammi,

Sorry for the late reply! I am currently doing a swap now but I can do a swap with you sometime in Feb 08, do email me at quikger@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Joyce (

suzanne said...

would love to give u a surprise !
from singapore!

i love disney :)

Popper said...

Hey, I'm Azul from Argentina! Thought we had some stuff in common between our lists and wondered if you'd like to trade :) You can check my list (and blog) out ( http://azulpopp.livejournal.com/10334.html#cutid1 ) there or email me at azulpopp@hotmail.com

be happy!,

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Crafty_Witchy_Girl said...

Hi! I am Cibele from Brazil. I am not able to send swap as it can be really expensive. But I have been looking for someone around orlando who would like to be penpals for a longterm frienship. Maybe in the future, if things get better we can arrange a swap. If you like penpalling, please contact me! cibelefraga@yahoo.com.br