17 September 2007

Finished Refinishing

I work from home, so building a nest I'm comfortable in is all the more important to me. When we lived in Crane's Landing, all of Matt's ugly furniture was tucked away into his own room and I never had to visit. In our new apartment, we only have one bedroom for bedroom furniture and the result has been waking each morning to depressing orange stained wood with black painted panels. It's everywhere. I couldn't take it any longer.

I finally convinced him to let me have at it. So today, after a weekend of poisonous chemical paint strippers, sandpaper, stain, dust, and sweat I have my first sweet reward. A night-stand I can stand to look at!

This photo is the other textures of the room with the new night-stand.
*sigh of accomplishment and relief*


John said...

Silly Sammi...

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, that is incredible, I cannot believe how awesome the new nightstand looks. Just goes to show. No end to your talents. Great job. Keep wearing the mask. I love you. Mom