11 January 2009

Day Eight.

January 10th

It was still snowing when we woke up and continued to do so most of the day, which made for a chilly welcoming for us Floridians. Desperate for some more suitable footwear, we went shopping for new shoes. The shopping trend continued late into the afternoon when I met up with Tam near the train station. We discovered an adorable (and better yet, affordable) boutique to browse while we caught up. Knowing we have such limited space kept me from buying anything but it's still fun to look.

As it turned out, we were here for Rosie's birthday (Remy's girlfriend) so to celebrate we joined them and friends for an awesome Moroccan dinner followed by a night of dancing. The dinner was outstanding; I had no idea how much I liked Moroccan food. Matt really enjoyed the spice blends/flavors as well and plans to learn to cook some of the items off their menu. I'm definitely looking forward to it. ;)

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