10 January 2009

Day Six.

January 8th
194 miles.

Sometimes, our friend John's job is to fly BROKEN helicopters. If they're having issues, they run all sorts of maintenance tests and have him climb in to fly it first. He hovers first but it still sounds incredibly scary to me. I suppose this is just another reason I am not a Navy pilot. ;)

So, while John was flying broken flying machines Emily showed us around the base. We got to see the big big ships and I was impressed Matt could name them all. I just smiled and took photos. It was neat to be able to see them so close. Then, after a quick drive past an old church that still has a cannonball stuck in the side of it from the revolutionary war (yes, wow!) we ate burritos and got on the road.

Matt and I pulled in to DC by mid afternoon and Billy took us straight into the city. The last time I was in DC I marched on Washington in a peace protest against the Irag war, the irony of staying with all military families on my way back to the capital is funny. The universe has a great sense of humor.

Anyway, DC wasn't how Matt or I remembered it from our middle school field trips at all. After reviewing some of the same classics (white house, the washington memorial, and the capital) we went to see a trendy younger (and gayer) neighborhood in DC called DuPont. After looking at a handful of menus at different places the boys let me have my way with an Italian dinner (which was FANTASTIC).

Billy suggested we go for a drink afterwards but, when we agreed to pop into the bar the next block down we didn't know it was a gay bar. The fact they brewed their own beer and it was cheap kept us there most the night! I was surprised Matt didn't mind. Actually, I think he quite enjoyed being checked out by the straight-laced boys of DuPont. That's the thing about DC, everyone looks like they just got off their government job. Even out at a gay bar button-ups and sweater vests replace drag queens and pleather. It very strict and frigid but I enjoyed our stay. And always enjoy spending time with Billy. :) Next stop, Chicago.

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