06 January 2009

Day Four.

January 6th, 2009.

Matt and I not only don't have kids, we don't see them much either. Children are like a foreign breed of miniature people that are extremely alien to me. But now that we're to an age where more and more friends are procreating, it's only inevitable we get to know the bizarre baby race. While in South Carolina we've been staying with Leila, Jason, and their baby girl Kali. And Kali is incredible.

Since she's still too little to talk beyond her vocab of 8 or so words, her parents have had her watch a movie called "My Baby can TALK" which teaches babies sign language. This gives little Kali the ability to communicate beyond the words she can currently muster in her miniature mouth. She can sign animals, colors, and more importantly things like "water", "I've had enough" or "more please". I think this is ingenious and incredible. But more than anything, Kali has waving and "hi" down pat. She must have said "hi" to me 20 times today but it never stopped being cute. :)

So this afternoon, mama Leila and baby Kali showed us around Charleston. It was a beautiful day to be a tourist. Complete with cameras strapped around our necks we walked the city streets sighting the sights. After a delicious burger near market street we went down to a waterfront park where I snapped some photos of Kali. And Matt snapped photos of me snapping photos. Lots of snapping and signing. :) We've had a great time here, I'm glad we decided to take the east coast route west even if it takes us a little longer.

Neat photos Matt took in Charleston:

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