11 January 2009

Day Seven.

January 9th
622 miles

Our biggest day of driving yet took us from Kensington Maryland to Chicago Illinois. We started early in the morning and the drive through the rolling hills of Maryland's countryside was the most beautiful part of the drive yet. We started to see hints of snow in the shadows of the landscape, and as it started to fall from the sky we drove into a winter wonderland. Once it started, it didn't stop.

I'd never driven in snow before, nor had my car ever been exposed to the chilly stuff so there was a bit of a learning curve to overcome. My windshield wiper fluid wouldn't work and we realized it must have frozen. This is a problem because without it, the windshield ices over and you can't see.

The only choice was to stop and buy an ice scraper at a gas station and while we did we found an incredible treat for Matt tucked away in small town in Pennsylvania: A raw vegan restaurant!

After some lemon garlic hummus with flax seed crackers and mango tango smoothie we were back on the road. It was a long drive, made all the more difficult with the new weather conditions. Twice we saw cars that had simply slid off the highway.
We arrived in Chicago around 9 or so at night to Remy and Rosie's home sweet home. Their apartment is beautiful: wood floors, big windows, great location. We're excited to be here! :)


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Hah! I love that picture!

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