08 January 2009

Day Five.

January 7th
438 miles

After saying farewell to the Schmick family in South Carolina we steered the car north towards Norfolk, Virginia. If Virginia is for lovers, Norfolk is for military lovers.
Our friends John and Emily live in a city swarming with the armed forces.

We arrived to margaritas being made with fresh squeezed fruit and hummus with pita chips fresh out of the oven. *YUM* And that was only the beginning, the salad, main course, and desert were all as delicious making it the most incredible edible meal of 2009. *high five for home cooking*

Johnny flies helicopters for the Navy, so after we ate as long as we possibly could, he took us on base to see his flying machines. I don't have a lot of preconceived notions or expectations for this trip so these things really blew me away. It was so neat to see such powerful machines and to know he FLIES them! What a job!

Staying with John and Emily has been amazing, I'm so glad we came by. Emily is going to take us back on base this morning to see some more of Norfolk during sunlight hours before we get back on the road. THANKS GUYS! :)


Desiree said...

Those are some might fine 'copters. :)

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