25 August 2008

Catch a whiff

Yesterday, a bunch of the guys from Matt's kitchen set up a game of wiffleball. This is just like baseball, except everything is made from plastic. And by everything, I mean the ball and bat. The only other thing needed was a baseball diamond, so we met at a park in the NE with sandwiches, hot dogs, and a variety of beverages.

I hadn't played baseball since I was a kid, and even then I don't have a clear recollection of my batting-home-run days so I can't be sure if they ever really happened. But I do remember watching Iain play, so I had a clear enough idea of the rules.

As it turns out, I love wiffleball. It was so much fun to get outside and play like a little kid (with adult beverages). Even the Portland rain couldn't stop us. Smatt is officially a fan of the wiff-b. :)

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