22 August 2008

Walk walk walk

This afternoon, I walked Matt to work. We, as most people here, do quite a bit of walking. As a conservative average, I'd say 20 miles per week.

The weather today is beautiful: bright, clear, and not too warm. So, I took my newly functioning camera along for the ride. The following are pictures from our walk, the things we see most typically here.

This is our community. We live in the center building.

This was taken from up on our hill. Mt.Hood to the right.

As well as walk, a lot of people bike here.

More bikes outside our of favorite book store (also known as Goodwill) ;)

On my way home, I noticed another horse. How I never spotted him before is beyond me. I suppose we're never really as aware as we'd like to think.

Anyway, we're still ridiculously happy here. I can't believe 3 weeks have already passed. I'm finally beginning to feel the muscles in my legs grow stronger. I'm hoping to return to Florida buff. :)

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