09 August 2008

Who you gonna call GHOSTBUSTERS!

The Portland Cacophony Society hosts a number of bizarre events. On the website, we found our way to a MySpace profile that was organizing a public pillow fight. This is a group of people that come together, in a location kept secret until the day before, and bring their pillows to whack one another with. Incredible. And, this is why we love this town!

So, we took a couple buses clear across town to Mt.Tabor. The park was monstrous. We realized that finding the pillow-fighters was going to be more difficult then we'd anticipated. So, I decided it best to simply enjoy the park whether we witnessed a large display of harmless aggression or not, a beautiful old volcano covered in trees.

We decided we must have reached the top and were beginning to make our way back down when, finally, we spotted someone hoisting pillows up. She had more specific directions so, we followed her & her family back up. And then, there was a music. A parade of pillow lugging people appeared from a path, led by a guy with a yellow boombox over his shoulder. Soon enough, we were below the statue of a magazine mogul on top of a mountain and people were hitting one another as hard as they possibly could.

Shooting photos was difficult because we were in the shade and it was so bright. Either the background was blown out or the people were silhouetted with the trees. We had a flash, but no diffuser, so even that was harsh. But, I managed to snap a few, especially when Matt was given a pillow to join in. Every time I caught sight of him in the crowd, he was laughing with a smile as genuine as any I've ever seen. He's so cute when he's that excited. :)

After Matt may have cracked a rib and decided he couldn't muster the energy to swing at another stranger, we caught another bus downtown to go to 'Flicks on the Bricks'. This a movie screening each Friday night throughout the summer on the brick courtyard in front of the Pioneer Square courthouse. We ate free popcorn and enjoyed the movie Ghostbusters while trying to ignore how badly sitting on the bricks hurt our bottoms after an hour. We wished we'd had a pillow from the pillow fight to sit on. Ah well, there's always next summer.

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Remember the Pillow fight at Mt. Tabor last August? Well I was wondering if there were more pictures you took (good or bad). My email is michael_nguyen90@msn.com