17 August 2008

Keep Portland Weird

The people here work hard to "Keep Portland Weird", and by work hard I mean they drink really great beer, eat delicious food, & organize unique, fun, free events. The people here seem to be very true to themselves, something I've not noticed in a lot of floridian characters. When you're in a town where the people really get a kick of things that are different, it's more encouraging not to conform. Without a genuine sense of humor, this place would be a nightmare. For an artist by nature like me, it's heavenly.

So many ridiculously fabulous things have happened (& have been eaten) since I last blogged. Rather then try to recount it all verbally, I'll fall back on my medium of choice and share my adventures visually. The following are highlights from the past week or so.

Mt.Hood, taken from our balcony

Desserts from Zupan's, courtesy of EJ. *mmm*

Amanda came to visit, we've been taking the bus a lot

Playing shuffle board with Amanda & EJ after Montage last week

Rogue in the Pearl: we went on the distillery tour
sampled the rum, drank the beer *two thumbs up*

We also took Amanda to sushi go 'round.
Her fish impression is pretty spot on.

More photos from the Adult Soap Box Derby. AMAZING! I can't wait for next year. Monster Truck Jam has a run for it's money the title 'Favorite event of the year'

The best pizza EVER. Apizza Scholls! THANK YOU Anthony Bourdain for having a great program that sent us in the right direction.

Also, Matt got a job at a top-of-the-line restaurant on 23rd! All in all, things are still great (& weird). :)


Chet said...

I'm jealous Amanda got to visit. And that you are still having such an amazing time in Portland! Miss you :-x

Elena Connell said...

Since you mention Anthony Bourdain (who happens to be one of my favorite chef/personalities) I was wondering if have you read Kitchen Confidential? If you haven't, I have an extra copy I somehow acquired and I'll send it to you. It's one of my all time favorites! Oh...and just so you know, we're thinking of moving to somewhere else, too. Gonzo and I realized that we hated living in D.C.! We're thinking of North Carolina, Des Moines, Iowa, or Portland!! See what you started! =)

Patti said...

I want to be friends with the PBR guy :) i LOVE the rogue pics.. i miss u and need to visit asap

Petey Pablo aka Pistol Pete said...

I think we could make a better (or the best) wheeled vehicle. I miss you guys