02 August 2008

It gives you WINGS

Another fantastic day.

We left early to walk down to the Saturday Market, where we found all sorts of arts, crafts, and food by locals. After a banger sausage pastry for breakfast (in true British form), we talked to this Mexican man about his family's trade. He was selling jewelry and small plaques with very small flowers inlayed. Matt took this neat photo:

He also managed to find the Rogue guy, who would have guessed? ;)

After the market we were wandering around the SW when we noticed banners for the Red Bull Flugtag that just happened to be this afternoon! Apparently, many thousands of other people already knew as by the time we made it down to the Tom McCall park it was covered in a sea of humanity. We squeezed into what turned out to be a great spot. Matt's 18-200mm zoomed in to catch some of the action. Our favorite was a group of drunk Lego guys in a Lego plane that called themselves "Lego my Red Bull!". We don't have a photo of them, but we did catch this chip and salsa "flying".

On our way back up we got to see Elvis preform live!

Matt also snapped this shot crossing Burnside when we were almost home. We live in the green part, right where it starts to lift. Climbing up to our place is a serious feat but we imagine we'll be used to it soon enough.

And lastly, my favorite photo I took of Matt today:

And his favorite he took of me:


matthew said...

i love you guys! -matt c

Matthew said...

love the pictures keep them coming!!!

Tom McManus said...

lol, you aren't a beaver! keep saying that and you'll get it some day :)

Great pics!