09 August 2008


We felt like a slow, casual Saturday so Matt and I wandered down to 23rd (dubbed trendy-third for it's boutiques and a few fancy-schmancy restaurants) to eat some non-fancy-schmancy food. We found a fantastic slice of pizza and spinning sushi.

'Escape from New York' provided a classic slice of cheese pizza. Fantastic! Matt is really into authentic NYC-style pizza but, I was also pleased. I'm sure to be back before the trip is through.

The creatively named Sushi Merry Go Round features small plates of sushi that go around and around and around as you eat. The sushi chefs inside the spinning conveyor belt prepare rolls and put two or three pieces on color-coded plates. The colors signify price, and the prices are nice and low. Green is $1.25, Pink $1.75, and so on up to big money blue at a whopping $3.25 (but could be as much as a 5 pc. spider roll!).

I like this a lot because I can try a lot of different things and if I don't like them, it's not such a big deal. Each diner collects a nice little stack of plates and that is how the bill is tallied. We learned the key is to go when it's busy, so there are more rolls coming out at once.

On our way home we picked up some chicken for dinner from our most frequented, of the 6 or so conveniently located food marts, Trader Joe's. A talented cashier painted some really neat signs for outside to encourage recycling. This is our favorite.

Also, I FINALLY saw a horse today! I had read about a street art project of sorts, before we came here, where people have tied toy plastic horses to the old horse rings in the streets to remind people of the history of the city. To finally see one was exciting. :)

We really like our location, regardless of the steep hike back home. NW Trendy-third, and especially trendy-first, have become my favorite parts of PDX so I'm still very happy to be in the northwest. Here's another view from where we live. :)

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Chet said...

It feels like SMatt is simply on a long vacation! You guys are having so much fun. Miss you!